What is the Hidden Job Market?

Looking for a new job is hard work and for most jobseekers, it involves hours of scrolling through the likes of Indeed and LinkedIn in hope something suitable crops up.

When you do find something suitable, being ghosted or completing a task to be eventually rejected is understandably disheartening. Instead of giving up and sticking to your current job or packing up and starting again in a different industry – you may find better luck with a fresh approach.

Have you ever thought about tapping into the hidden job market?

We’ll discuss what the hidden job market is, and how you can land your dream role without applying for it online.

What is the hidden job market?

Basically the ‘hidden job market’ or ‘hidden recruitment’ is a term used to describe any role that isn’t publicly displayed anywhere.

There’s no public recruiting for this role, it’s often from word of mouth / the recruiters have sourced the best internal candidates to fill the role.

This can make things much easier for a recruiter – if they hire someone through word of mouth it’s likely because of their skills and experience within that industry. Or, if they hire internally, the candidate will know the business better than anyone starting a fresh, meaning less training resources are needed.  

How do I tap into the hidden job market?

It’s easier than you think. We’ll talk you through the different ways to utilise the hidden job market.

Speak to your current company

If you’re employed and like your current company but fancy a change, we’d recommend getting in touch with your internal recruitment team. Because you know the company so well already, you’ll have a competitive edge over anyone outside of the business, and it would save the internal team a lot of time and money posting the role and interviewing candidates.

Always approach this in the correct way though. If you want to leave your current department, say it’s because you want to explore something new, and not because you don’t like your team members.

Ensure you have a contact that updates you on any upcoming roles before they get posted!

Get networking

Networking events are fun and collaborative, and you never know who you’re going to meet there. For example, let’s say you’re a Graphic Designer looking for a new role, and you go to a networking event for small businesses in the area. Before the event is over, you’ve got chatting to several CEO’s. Some of them want a Graphic Designer for their business, others know someone who’s looking for one. Before you know it, you have a couple of interviews and a handful of numbers you never would’ve had if you chose to stay at home.

We’re not saying it’ll always be like this – but these events open the door to a tonne of opportunities.

Contact employers directly

Many people have a handful of companies they’d love to work for. If you just thought of a few, why not drop them an old-fashioned cold email or LinkedIn DM?

Introduce yourself, go into a little bit of your experience and skillset and remember to jot your number down so they can give you a call.

If you’re doing this on LinkedIn, make sure all your work history is up to date, with a good bio and any links to your work.

Remember: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And if the worst thing they can do is say no or ghost you, is it really that bad?

Use your existing network

While it may be awkward to ask people at work if they know of any roles, you could speak to friends, family, and past employees.

Has anyone left your company recently? Ask them if they know whether their new company is hiring.

End things on great terms with your last boss? Drop them a message to see if they can reach out to their connections.

Like we’ve mentioned before, if the worst thing people can do is simply say ‘no’ or blank you, it’s worth the gamble.

Pro tip: If you go on LinkedIn, you can put that you’re open to jobs without it being visible to your employer or colleagues. Which means recruiters may headhunt you before posting their job live.

Utilise social media

A way to get noticed is by having a good social media presence. While it may seem awkward at first, being active on the likes of LinkedIn can help you meet likeminded people as well as employers and recruiters.

If you’re looking for a place to start, write (or make a video) about something you’re passionate about.

Check in with your University

This might seem a little weird, but no matter how long ago you graduated, you’re an alumnus of that University. So, if there’s a group where they share exclusive job openings with past students, you should ensure you get yourself in there!

We hope this helped you learn more about the hidden job market, if you’re looking for your next role, make sure to check out our latest jobs page.

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