10 Signs It’s Time for You to Look for a New Job

To quit or not to quit? That is the question…

There comes a time in life where you need to make important decisions about your career. Should you run for that promotion? Should you take on that project? Is it time to quit your job and look for something else?

Making the decision to quit can be a very scary moment – but, at some point, the majority of us will feel this. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

For lots of people, it can be hard to differentiate between a bad week, and a bad job. Especially if this feeling is very new to you. There are many valid reasons professionals want to leave their jobs, so at Beam we thought we’d list 10 signs it’s time to look for a new role.

Disclaimer: If any of these points resonate with you, we would highly recommend looking for a new job first before quitting your current role. Don’t be left high and dry!

1.You Dread Going to Work

Everyone has the dread on a Sunday evening, or at the end of their annual leave, but if you’re feeling miserable every evening, and counting down the hours and minutes whilst working, it may be a sign to look for a new role.

2. There are No Progression Opportunities

If there’s no opportunity to grow, it may be time to move on. Especially if you’ve been in the same role for several years with no change. The best way to know if this applies to you is by asking yourself ‘do I have five years of experience at this company, or one year of experience, five years over?’

Pro tip: Let your employer know you would like to progress first before making any rash decisions. They may have a new role in mind for you!

3. You Wouldn’t Want Your Friends/Family to Work there

This is always a good one. If you wouldn’t let your friends or family work there, chances are it’s time to leave.

4. Your Pay doesn’t reflect your workload

Although we may be modest in our interviews with employers, pay is important! If you’ve been at the company for some time and have gained more and more responsibility with little to no change in pay – it may be time to look for another role where you feel more valued.

Not sure if you’re being underpaid? There are many factors to keep in mind when figuring this out. Could your job role be split between 2,3 or even 4 people? Are you working lots of overtime with no reward?

Pro tip: You can actually find if your pay is low compared to your company’s competitors by going on Linkedin salaries. Type in your job title, your location, and you can see the average salary for other people in your industry.

5. You aren’t utilising your skills

In every workplace, there’ll be skills at your disposal you can use to feel stimulated and challenged. Unfortunately, not all employers will ask you to utilise these. Whilst it may sometimes feel comfortable to ‘switch off’, this usually means there is no room for progression.

6. You don’t feel passionate about the role 

Passion is what gives you job fulfilment, and without it you’re in a role where eventually you’ll feel stuck and frustrated. Find something that sets off your creative flair and excites you!

7. You Feel your values are being compromised

Are you asked on a daily basis to do something that goes against your values/morals? No matter the situation, you shouldn’t be put in a position where your values are constantly being compromised. Find a company that matches your values, and where you feel comfortable to be your authentic self.

8. It’s taken a toll on your mental or physical health

This is by far the most important point. No job is worth sacrificing your mental or physical health for. If your work environment gives you anxiety or depression, we’d highly recommend finding somewhere better.

Need some support? Please check out Bupa.co.uk page where they discuss all things stress in the workplace, and how you can get help.

Pro tip: Remember, you’re not alone in this, and it will get better!

9. The environment is toxic

No toxic vibes needed.

Seriously though, toxic environments mess with your mental health and happiness. We would recommend finding an employer with a company culture you’d love to be a part of. Refer to our interview blog here, , to find out more on finding your perfect employer match!

10. You have a lack of work/life balance

Although your work is important, it shouldn’t be eating up all your free time. If your employer is calling you outside of working hours, and you’re constantly on edge – this is not ok. You should be able to enjoy evenings/weekends/annual leave in peace. You may need to set boundaries with your employer if this is the case.

If (even after setting boundaries) this carries on, it may be a sign to quit your job. You deserve to enjoy life outside the office!

If you found yourself profusely nodding your head to almost every point – it may be time to find a new position. As mentioned in the disclaimer, we would highly recommend job hunting before you hand in your notice. You’ll find it’s much easier to find a role whilst you’re currently in employment!

If it does get too much, please reach out to someone and remember, it will get better!  

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